Ayetier is everything you want in a storage management tool. From a single dashboard, Ayetier provides visibility and insight into critical storage data across all platforms and technologies. While managing and monitoring storage data, Ayetier also collects metrics, tracks data and correlates objects. Real-time analytics makes it easy to pinpoint bottlenecks, prevent latency problems and quickly resolve issues.

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Ayetier is a cloud based application providing data virtualization into your most complex storage systems. We’re giving you and your team the insight needed to truly understand your data.

Identify Trends

Data visibility from the Ayetier dashboard helps you identify issues in order to prevent bottlenecks or latency from occurring.

Mapping and Performance Metrics

Ayetier analyzes the relationship between data within systems to help you better prepare for disasters, prevent issues and architect for the future.

Comprehensive Reporting

Reporting and trend detection means you spend less time looking for critical data. Within the dashboards, Ayetier presents you with graphs, lists and charts to better interpret your data. Reports give you the insight to better plan and budget for the future.

Who does Ayetier benefit?

IT directors who want to more easily manage their technology. Storage admins and engineers who want system data - fast! Customers who demand that applications runs seamlessly and quickly. Ayetier was designed for this.

We want to make IT awesome.

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